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Automatic Gate Repair

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Having trouble with your gate operator or automatic gate? If you are worried about a malfunctioning gate causing you major problems that come up at the most inconvenient times. Whether it is your gate is an automatic gate, driveway gates, e-gate, electric gates, an iron gate, metal gates, a sliding gate, or wrought iron gates, they all can break down and leave you in an uncomfortable position. If you are dealing with your gate operator, access control accessories, or gate malfunctioning, then you need Sameday Gate Repair.

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Sameday Gate Repair serves it’s customers with quality automatic gate repair services such as gate opener repair, telephone entry systems, automatic gate repair, welding repairs for iron gates, as well as many other access control repairs and services. When you choose Sameday Gate Repair , you will receive excellent care from our professionally trained gate technicians that can come to you 24/7.  We offer the highest quality of parts as well as service every time you call. We answer your questions, before you ask them! Check out some of our most common questions on automatic gate repair services below. Then give us a call at (888) 688-3038 if you still have questions. We are here to help! It is recommended to have your driveway gate serviced yearly just a you would your transportation for preventative maintenance.


Are you in need of driveway gate repairs? Malfunctions in your driveway gate can be either a mechanical or electrical issue. If your gate is acting up, call Sameday Gate Repair to have one of our certified technicians determine what the problem is and help prevent any further issues from occurring through our proper maintenance procedures. When was the last time you had your gate operator looked at?   More than likely, you haven’t unless you have had an issue with it. Driveway gate repair is essential to your gate working properly, otherwise you may be dealing with a much more serious repair that may cost more than what simple maintenance can prevent.


Having an electric gate is an amazing feature for your home or business. A proper residential electric gate will be a perfect addition to the property your house sits on. Whether it be a sliding electric gate or a French electric gate, it can really make your home that much more amazing and secure. This goes double for businesses.  Commercial electric gates are a plus for both looks and security. Some electric gates even have intercom systems that make them perfect for commercial use! This along with other electric gate accessories and security features can make them very worth having for commercial and residential properties.


When you choose Sameday Gate Repair as your enter gate repair company, you will see that we treat our customer’s gates as if it were are own. We work with precision and accuracy to ensure your gate is done quickly and correctly. Your security and protection is important to us, and it shows when our experienced gate technicians come for any job, big or small. We don’t only install entry gates, we are everything gates, we repair, install, replace, and fabricate both gates and gate motors. Telephone quotes are always free of charge & services start at just $39. 


We all know how frustrating it is to come home after a long day at work to have to manually get out of your car to open and close your gate so that you can get in your home. If only there was a solution to you manually opening and closing your gate that would leave you in the comfort of your car and remove the work.  What if I told you there is? Sameday Gate Repair is the solution to your problems with an electric gate opener. Imagine having your gate open and close with just the simple press of a button, and never walking out of the car to do it. When you have an electric gate opener, you have a mechanized arm that works by opening and closing your home’s gates all with a signal that is sent from your keypad or remote control. 


If you have a gate for any part of your property, you know that it may not always be easy to determine who is wanting in. If you equip a modern intercom system, you will be able to talk to or even see the person at your gate without leaving the comfort of your home. This way you can give or deny access without any risks. Intercom systems can be set up or made to work in multiple ways, such as voice only, video or voice and a pin code. That way you can choose style, brand and preference for your intercom system. Choose from brands such as Aiphone Intercom, Doorking Intercom, Linear Intercom, and many others. We here at Sameday Gate Repair offer all the best in products, service and quality for all our customers.  


There are a lot of problems that can make a gated-entry system work improperly. If you are having trouble with your motorized gate, then you need to call Sameday Gate Repair. The professional gate installation and repair team at Sameday Gate Repair have been working in the industry for years and know the field well. The talented team has both the know-how and the training needed to know when there is a problem with your motorized fence gate, or any other gate for that matter, and can have it restored to working order the same day they come out.   


There are many great reasons to own a residential gate for your property and driveway. The foremost reason is home and property security. The second reason is that it can add a great deal of volume to your property. A properly installed residential gate will add to the beauty of your property. If you use the right gate, you might even accent your home with a fine residential wrought iron gate or even dual French gates. There are also plenty of other reasons to own one, like keeping in pets and keeping wild animals out. We understand that you can’t wait a week on a repair job. When you call us, we get out to you and repair your residential gate quickly and accurately.  

Frequently Asked Gate Repair Questions

How do I know when to get my automatic gate repair or service?

It is obviously better to get services maintained before a serious repair is needed. That way the repair or maintenance cost less. Anytime you notice something off about your automatic gate, you can give us a call and we will schedule a visit.

What does it mean if my driveway gate is squeaking or grinding when operating?

There can be several reasons for this, it may be that the chain is loose. One way of determining this is if the chain is touching the ground, which tells you that you really need a service completed. It can also be due to the door slamming against its post.

Not only do we repair automatic gates, we install them too!

Sameday Gate Repair offers automatic gate installation and service to all varieties of commercial as well as residential driveway gates and gate openers. This includes  Automatic Driveway Gate Opener repair, Vehicle Sensors, Sliding Gates, Remote Controls, Loops & Loop Detectors, Swing Gates, Parking-Barrier Arms, Security Gate Opener repair, Vehicle Tag Readers, Apartment and Subdivision Access Controls, Solar Gate Openers, & Telephone Entry Systems throughout all of North America. Call us now for more information at (888) 688-3038 and schedule your automatic gate maintenance or installation today!

We offer service and install for all the major brands of gates. Whether it is Apollo, Chamberlain, BFT, FAAC, Liftmaster, NICE, Elite, GTO,  Eagle, and so many more! You name it, and we will service or install it! This is not the case for all companies, but Sameday Gate Repair does it all. We know that your automatic gate is for more than appearances, so we work hard to ensure everything is working properly, anytime we install or service a gate. No matter your budget, style or brand, Sameday Gate Repair has what you need. Give us a call now at (888) 688-3038 to hear more about our brands, services and pricing!

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Emergency Gate Repair services

emergency gate repair

24hr commercial & residential services

We offer a emergency gate repair options so that you can create a custom gate that suits your needs in no time. Sameday Gate Repair is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need our installation services or you are facing emergency repairs, we are here for you. Contact us today at (888) 688-3038 to learn more about our automatic 1-year installation guarantee on all of our new gate openers and telephone entry intercom systems.