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We all know how frustrating it is to come home after a long day at work to have to manually get out of your car to open and close your gate so that you can get in your home. If only there was a solution to you manually opening and closing your gate that would leave you in the comfort of your car and remove the work.

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What if I told you there is? Sameday Gate Repair is the solution to your problems with an electric gate opener. Imagine having your gate open and close with just the simple press of a button, and never walking out of the car to do it. When you have an electric gate opener, you have a mechanized arm that works by opening and closing your home’s gates all with a signal that is sent from your keypad or remote control. Call for a free Bel Air gate opener repair estimate over the phone!

If you need gate opener repair in Bel Air , then Sameday Gate Repair is the perfect answer to your needs. They offer a variety of gate services that you may need as well as gate opener repair. Just a few of the services they have to offer are:
  • · iron gate repair
  • · gate motor repairs
  • · gate openers (installation and repair)
  • · automatic sliding gates
  • · electric gate repairs
  • · electric gate opener repair
  • · gate operator repair
  • · automatic gate repairs
  • · residential gate repair
  • · automatic gate opener repair
  • · swing gate opener repair
  • · Commercial Gate Opener repair

Not to mention so many other gate repair services for our customer’s convenience. We know that we are not the only gate company in Bel Air , but we know we are the best at what we do.No matter if you are looking for iron gates, sliding gates, electric gates, wrought iron gates, driveway gates, or any other gate style or brand, we have them all and can service, install, or repair them. We even offer solar gates for those that are looking to be more energy efficient! Call us at Sameday Gate Repair today and see how we can help you with your gate opener repair in Bel Air . Call (310) 593-4268 now for more information!

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How Do Electric Gate Openers Work?

If you own a garage door opener, then you can operate a gate opener with ease. They both function in all the same ways for the most part. If you do not, and have never operated either of these devices, it’s ok, it is fairly simple to do. You start by simply clicking the device you were given to operate the gate, then a radio signal will be sent to the receiver box that will be mounted near your gate. That will then carry the message to the control box which activates the gate opener arm causing your gate to open or slide, depending on the type of gate you own.

You can then press it again to close the gate or wait the allotted time for it to close on its own. There are two main types of gate openers to choose from, slide gate openers and swing gate openers. So what is the difference?

A sliding gate is better if you are looking to use the entire driveway for parking purposes. It is also better for security reasons as it offers stronger resistance for being pushed on. They are also able to be used on upward sloping driveways where swing gates cannot be used. As for swing gates, there are two types, linear and articulated. The articulated is better for heavier than normal driveways as well as high usage gates. A swing gate is more common due to them being more aesthetically pleasing to people.

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Choose Sameday Gate Repair in Bel Air and See For Yourself! Here at Sameday Gate Repair, we only hire and work with trained gate repair technicians and professionals to send to your home. We work with only the best so our customers get the best. No matter what you are looking for, we will do our best to ensure you get what you need. You can call for services 24/7 and we offer emergency gate repair services that can be completed the same day you call!

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No matter what type of electric gate system you are looking for or own in your home or residence, we can keep it working the way it should. We have even been factory authorized as well as approved for all the top brands to maintain as well as service all electric gate openers, telephone systems and accessories. You can give us a call at (310) 593-4268 for more information and a free quote in Bel Air .


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No matter what you are looking to have done whether it is commercial automatic gate installation Bel Air , automatic gates & fences, commercial gate repair, intercom system, gate opener repair, residential gate repair, electric gate repair, driveway gate repair, motorized gate repair, entry gate repair, or any other commercial gate repair services we have your back. Our service-calls start at $39.


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We had an urgent situation with the driveway gate and needed someone to come right away. Luckily we found Sameday Gate Repair and a gate contractor was there to replace the gate opener within' 45 minutes. Must admit, I was impressed. Would use again, and recommend.

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Sameday came out right away and gave us a good price for replacing the hardware on on our garage door. I am impressed with the affordable service.

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So happy that I was able to get service on the weekend. I got new sensors installed. They did not charge me extra for weekend hours. Thank you!

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