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If you have a gate for any part of your property, you know that it may not always be easy to determine who is wanting in. If you equip a modern intercom system, you will be able to talk to or even see the person at your gate without leaving the comfort of your home. This way you can give or deny access without any risks. Intercom systems can be set up or made to work in multiple ways, such as voice only, video or voice and a pin code. That way you can choose style, brand and preference for your intercom system.

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Choose from brands such as Aiphone Intercom, Doorking Intercom, Linear Intercom, and many others. We here at Sameday Gate Repair offer all the best in products, service and quality for all our customers in Bel Air . We know that you count on your gate and intercom system to be working properly, so come to the experts and see our same day emergency repair service for yourself. We promise and guarantee our work with skilled, experienced and well trained technicians that can offer a wide variety of service and repair options for your home.

We offer our customers a variety of choices for their intercom services and repair that are made specifically to increase your ability to screen those that are coming and going to your home. We take pride in ensuring our customers find the perfect intercom to suit their specific needs.

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Here at Sameday Gate Repair, we offer the best intercom systems and the best variety to our customers. Our expert technicians have the necessary skills to complete every job and are second to none in their field. Not only are we masters in installing and repairing systems from Linear, Doorking, and Aiphone, but we also are able to work with many other brands and styles of intercom systems. We ensure our products are ones that our customers can trust for both quality and value.

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the Best Intercom Services for Gates in Bel Air

We have many other services available as well, so don’t worry if yours was not listed! No matter the brand, style or service, Sameday Gate Repair can provide the intercom installation and repairs you need at your convenience. We know what to do for phone entry systems, and any other intercom service you need, and we guarantee you won’t regret choosing Sameday Gate Repair in Bel Air . Give our gate repair experts a call now at (310) 593-4268 to find out what we can do for you!

Not only do we repair intercom systems, we install them as well! Plus, We offer a ton of different intercom services, and here are just a few of our most popular.

· Residential Intercom Services -This service works by calling the home when a car pulls up to the gate allowing the visitor to enter a code in order for them to receive a code to put in, you can also have it set that you enter the code as well.

· Programmable Intercom System – This is a simple keypad method where your visitor must enter a code in order to gain access.

· No Phone Line Intercom System - This system is made for those without a phone line to still have a gate system. The way it works is the visitor must notify the tenant, who then can grant or deny them entry.

· Auto Dialer Intercom System - This is a common system found for larger buildings. The visitor will call the resident from the gate and the homeowner must then enter a code to allow them to gain access.

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No matter what type of electric gate system you are looking for or own in your home or residence, we can keep it working the way it should. We have even been factory authorized as well as approved for all the top brands to maintain as well as service all electric gate openers, telephone systems and accessories. You can give us a call at (310) 593-4268 for more information and a free quote in Bel Air .


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No matter what you are looking to have done whether it is commercial automatic gate installation Bel Air , automatic gates & fences, commercial gate repair, intercom system, gate opener repair, residential gate repair, electric gate repair, driveway gate repair, motorized gate repair, entry gate repair, or any other commercial gate repair services we have your back. Our service-calls start at $39.


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